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Creative Executive Officers

A guide to the business of creativity for artists and entrepreneurs.

What we're doing and why

What is Creative Executive Officers? CEOs is an educational media company built for creators looking to get a better handle on the knowledge, resources, and relationships they need to define & achieve their own version of success.

Who is it for? Our primary focus is on creative artists – musicians, filmmakers, photographers, journalists, visual artists, writers – the people whose specific circumstances are often glossed over as the term “creator” has become more all-encompassing. Our broader focus is building better alignment between the four key segments of the creative economy: artists, advisors, executives, and the entrepreneurs building for this ecosystem. Our community, now over 200k, has broad representation across all four categories, and includes people at the top of their game as well as those on their way up.

What problem are you solving? Two problems, really:

  1. Great work goes unmade. There are artists who are capable of great creative work, but don’t do it – either because they’re afraid to get started, or because they’ve stopped for internal or external reasons (e.g. burnout or cash flow); and
  2. Great work goes unseen. There are artists who are already making great creative work, but it goes unseen. Why? Because subpar creative work paired with above average business, technical, and marketing skills will almost always outperform great creative work where those hard skills are lacking.

🤝 Let's make some progress together.

Types of collaborators

  • ©️ Artists: musicians, filmmakers, journalists, photographers, writers, designers
  • ⚖️ Advisors: managers, agents, lawyers, publicists, business managers
  • 💰 Executives: platforms, labels, distributors, prod cos, financiers
  • 💡 Entrepreneurs: anyone building something new for the artists

Collaboration models

Area of Interest©️ Artists⚖️ Advisors💰 Execs💡 Entre's
Make money from your creative work*
Appear on the show
Platform strategy*
Paid partnerships & collabs, media buys
Creator engagement strategy*
Align your plans with the world to come**

*Including and especially Clubhouse

**Particularly the relationship between your positioning, go-to-market strategy, growth plan, and business model

For media requests, please email media [at] ceos [dot] co.

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